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   #AbsolutelyLoveTravel is a full service travel agency that offers you the personal service you will not find anywhere else. You do not pay any additional fees for making your reservations for your vacation with Absolutely Love Travel for travel you find online or directly with a hotel or online travel agency. Special offers you receive can also be made with us at no additional cost. We give you our expert advise and guidance to make all of your vacations fun, safe and just right for you. With  15 years of experience we provide you information on your travel plans, the resorts and the destination you are traveling to, we answer all of your questions for you to feel comfortable and stress free. We are with you 24/7 incase of emergency! We have personal relationships with hotels, vendors and destination department of tourism around the world. Absolutely Love Travel sends you your travel information along with a personal gift from Absolutely Love Travel to show our appreciation and add to your vacation experience and memories!

 I'm a full time dedicated Travel Agent . If you need a car/train/ limo or hotel, plan on going to the the Caribbean, Europe or S. America, what ever your travel needs are, I'm happy to be at your service. With Absolutely Love Travel you get more and save more! If you want a cruise or land vacation just contact me for service that is absolutely personalized to your desires. I have certifications in many hotels, resorts, destinations and cruise lines to make sure you get all the benefits of your vacation stay.I will go the extra mile for you and your family and be here for you when you are in need during your travels, not waiting on hold for someone you do not have a personal connection with. I am not only with you before your travels but during and after!

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Karen Giaquinta
Bow, NH
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